Mr. Vom

One man's journey through on-screen vomiting.

At some point in the few years I started noticing a trend in TV and movies. Outside of gross-out comedies(e.g. Problem Child 2) when someone would vomit they would do it in a hidden way like sticking their head in a garbage can or toilet or ducking just out of frame, but something changed.

I started noticing on-screen vomiting everywhere. There was somewhat expected vomiting "Baywatch(2017)" there was completely unexpected in "Call Me by Your Name". I saw it in the HBO critic darling drama "Big Little Lies" and the network comedy "The Office". 

On New Year's Eve 2017, when so many people resolve to drink less, get in shape, or try to be a better person I decided to start tracking every time I saw on-screen vomiting.

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